Get Started

Getting started on the LiteBlue Login portal is a piece of cake for USPS employees. Once you register and activate your account at LiteBlue.USPS.Gov, all the services will be made available to you on your account dashboard.

USPS has made the online registration of employees compulsory on the LiteBlue USPS portal to maintain the transparency of the portal. The company doesn’t believe in compromising transparency and integrity by any means.

Get Started On LiteBlue 

To start your journey on the LiteBlue Login portal, just follow the steps that we explain below.

  1. The registration portal of LiteBlue USPS is available at LiteBlue.USPS.Gov.
  2. Visit this portal to start your journey on this portal.
  3. Click the Sign Up option that you will see on the topmost side of this portal.
  4. On the next page, you will see a registration form that urges you to submit some basic information. This information includes your name, contact details, email address, etc.
  5. Fill out this form entirely and submit your username and password.
  6. The username and password you submit will work as login credentials for you on your future visits to this portal.
  7. At last, click the Sign-Up button.
  8. The management team will send you an account activation link to your email address. Use this link to activate your account.
  9. Once you activate your LiteBlue USPS account, you can use all the services that this portal offers. You can find a list of services you are entitled too on your account dashboard.

If in any case, you face issues while registering on this portal, or if you don’t get the account activation link, reach out to the customer support team and get your issues resolved within a few minutes.

Also, you can place your issues in the comment section of our article. We will try and get back to you with a proper solution as soon as possible.